Britt Story

The Britt story began in Portsmouth, England where Britt Collinson was born. From an early age, Britt loved creating hand-made presents for close friends and family. It’s this passion for creating from the heart that led to the formation of iconic Australian brand, Britt Bear. 
Britt moved to Sydney, Australia when she was 12 years old, leaving school three years later with little direction of what to do. She found herself taking on jobs that did not sit well with her free-spirited nature, so she decided to travel the world. After returning to Australia, she felt compelled to pursue her childhood passion of creating and started her own brand, which grew quickly from one store at the weekly Bondi Beach markets, to three stores in Sydney and at various festivals. 
Growing a successful wholesale business that went on to supply over 100 retail outlets in Australia, Britt’s style evolved, leading her to create the more sophisticated, luxurious Britt Bear brand in 1999. 


Britt Bear Today

Britt designed and created the Britt Bear, a soft, flat teddy bear whose simple but charming design captured the hearts’ of parents and children. Still lovingly made in Australia for over 15 years, the flat teddy bear has become a very special part of many a childhood, creating memories, companionship and comfort. Britt feels that this bear has a life of its own and holds something magical that only babies know. 
With the popularity of the brand increasing, Britt went on to design a range of clothing and accessories for newborns and toddlers, which stay true to her vision of creating items with sentimental value, that remain treasured and durable enough to be passed on as keepsakes. To this day, Britt still proudly designs the entire range herself, and a majority of the products continue to be made and sourced in Australia. 
Britt Bear is now available at locations throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Distribution to other European countries is currently under negotiation. 


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